Foreign Mortgages (Bulgarian & Romanian)

This is the option for those who want to secure a loan against the asset they are purchasing abroad and is the most common method explored by our clients.


Through years of experience in working with all Bulgarian and Romanian lenders actively lending to foreigners, the staff at Balkan Legal & finance have developed an excellent understanding of the mortgage products available, the purchasing process in general and to some degree the mindset of the locals.

Arranging finance in a foreign country (despite what you hear from sales agents and developers) is always a challenging, time consuming process that often doesn't make sense to those who are used to operating in an efficient financially savvy environment. Don't expect to get a mortgage approval in 4 weeks, it simply never happens. Don't expect to be able to obtain a mortgage without any proof of income or credit status and most importantly don't expect to be asked for all required documents initially.

Do expect to be asked for several months income proof, employers references, several credit reports and all details of your spouse or partner. In both Bulgaria and Romania, it is law that your spouse is included on a mortgage application - there is simply no way around this.

Whilst the picture painted makes it sound like a nightmare, quite to the contrary. Balkan Legal & Finance's experienced staff will do their best to take away most of the hassle and package the applications in such a way to ensure the highest rate of success in the industry.

This service comes at a charge which is negotaible depending on the size of the loan, the amount of business provided and the relative difficulty of the applciation.

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